A Black Education Congress (ABEC) Purpose

The Congress represents the vision of a network of Black educators and activists— in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Our intention is to give explicit attention to intergenerational collaboration— to elevate and celebrate “what works” for African children in educational settings and to “pass the torch” to those coming on behind us.

We envision a Congress of working delegates and praxis* teams who represent educators at all levels, parents, students and community activists. To effect our agenda, the intentional integration of knowledge systems from pre-school to higher education, family and community-based learning, including the arts, are required.

This nexus must be interdisciplinary, thus delegates from Schools of Education, Black Studies programs, other content specialists, community organizations and advocacy groups, as well as researchers engaged in liberating education models are invited.


The main outcome of this Congress will be the creation of a 25-year Education for Liberation Action Plan.


Delegates will be charged with:

a) creating this plan based on a vision of education for academic and cultural excellence,

b) committing to implementing it in their spheres of influence after the Congress adjourns, and,

c) staying engaged with A Black Education Network (ABEN) designed to strengthen at least 1,000 schools around the country whose student populations are comprised predominantly of children of African ancestry.


There will be seven Praxis Teams from which delegates will choose to work as well as having opportunities to interact between these spaces:

• “Nothing About Us Without Us is For Us:” Youth Delegates in Action

(High School, Post-High School and College Students)

• Higher Education: Educating Students of African Ancestry for Academic and Cultural Excellence for the New Millennium

(Pre-service and Grad Students in Teacher Education Programs)

• Parent Leaders on Elevating Engagement: Parent Identified Best Engagement Practices

• Breaking the School to Prison Pipeline & Stemming the Social Obscenity of Mass Incarceration

• Identifying/Implementing Culturally Connected Teaching, Learning, Curriculum and Assessment

• A Black Education Network (ABEN): Creating/Certifying a Network of 1,000 African-centered Schools

• Resilience and Resistance: Standing Our Ground on Our Own Cultural Terms

*Praxis = translating an idea into action!