Praxis Teams

The Congress represents the vision of a network of educators and activists—in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. Our vision affirms the imperative and efficacy for educational models in which academic and cultural excellence serve the community and are global in view. The work of defining a 25-year Education for Liberation Action Plan for the Congress will take place in each of seven Praxis Teams. Delegates will choose to work in one of the seven specific areas of interest, and will have additional opportunities throughout the 2-day Congress to interact among the Praxis Teams:


Nothing About Us Without Us is For Us:” Youth Delegates in Action

(High School, Post-High School, and College Students and Out of School Youth)

Youth (ages 15-25) are invited to participate and lead in cultural circles that serve to empower, educate, and call to action other youth and community elders. Those interested in education for the liberation of people of African ancestry locally and globally are encouraged to attend. The Black Education Congress will prepare the next generation of leadership for liberation and transformation.

A Black Education Network (ABEN):


Creating / Certifying 1,000 African-Centered Schools


ABEN’s vision is to support/develop/sustain a network of 1,000 schools and school communities in the United States, selected over a ten-year period, that are committed to academic and cultural excellence for students of African ancestry. This Praxis Team will review what has been accomplished in the year since ABEN’s creation and discuss the infrastructure necessary to ensure its sustainability. That infrastructure will include a work site, full staffing, and robust funding stream. The culturally-relevant treatment for the 1,000 schools will be multifaceted, involving a) the implementation of African-centered curriculum; b) high-quality and on-going professional development; c) parent engagement; d) site-based and culturally courageous leadership development, and e) student empowerment.


Educating Students of African Ancestry for Academic & Cultural Excellence for the New Millennium

This Praxis Team will showcase exemplars of African-centered education and socialization from Pre-K to Higher Education and community-based settings using the theory and practice of Black educational excellence traditions, grounded in African philosophical and cultural constructs. The aim is to articulate a 25-Year Education for Liberation Action Plan that uses African people’s cultural heritage and community resources as assets in the U.S., Canada, and Caribbean contexts. Action strategies and priorities will include exemplary collaboration with Schools of Education, Teacher Educators, Black Studies Studies scholars and community mobilizations to support for Black teachers and school leaders.

Breaking the School to Prison Pipeline & Stemming the Social Obscenity of Mass Incarceration


This Praxis Team will work on identifying specific operational and policy triggers that perpetrate and sustain the criminalization of African American children and adults where ever they are, and make recommendations to dismantle the system. The Team will highlight successful models of in-school and community-based initiatives to reverse and work to prevent the mass incarceration of our youth, and internal youth violence.



Identifying / Implementing Culturally Connected Teaching, Learning, Curriculum & Assessment


This Praxis Team will identify curriculum and pedagogical constructs, standards and culturally

authentic assessment practices that parents, educators, and students can use to evaluate African-centered content and culturally connected teaching practices across the curriculum. P-16 model curriculum demonstrations will be presented that support culturally connected teaching and learning and professional development as well as research and evaluation using ABEC-certification standards that will available for other ABEC initiatives.



Resilience and Resistance: Standing Our Ground on Our Own Cultural Terms


We are and always have been more than the sum of our oppressions.  As a people, we must continue to resist domination, oppression and cultural exploitation, affirming our belongingness and our humanity. This Praxis Team will draw attention to the way that our resistance and resilience as African spirits inform and shape our cultural expression in the arts and can be used for the normal nurturing of our human consciousness and identity. The 25-Year Education for Liberation Action Plan will incorporate the restoration, reclamation, and celebration of such practices and knowledge for community revitalization–for living a spirit-driven, culturally-informed life from childbirth to elderhood to ancestorship.



Parent Leaders on Elevating Engagement: Parent Identified Best Engagement Practices


Parent facilitators from Chicago, Silicon Valley, New York City and San Diego will share best practices rooted in academic and cultural excellence for intergenerational engagement. Highly-interactive, the “how-to” of establishing all important parent and educator partnerships, as well as what Education for Liberation actually looks like, will lead to practical ways of ensuring that children under our watch receive an outstanding education regardless of what school settings they find themselves in.